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          The main purpose of isolation pier is to manage the separation of sidewalk and motorway. It can not only manage the safety of urban road traffic, but also avoid traffic accidents caused by some extreme situations. It can not only make the traffic environment more stable, but also make the urban road traffic environment clean and beautiful.
          In addition to good promotion and use function for urban traffic, many public places in our life need to use such isolation piers for management, such as large parking lots or some stations, docks and airports. In order to avoid random parking or tuijian:gangmoju.07858.net www.qibiji58.com www.machine-com.com
          www.qingmeiit.com.cn www.lgjianzhu.com www.baodingjiaju.com.cn hsjiaquan.75ix.comoccupying public space, such isolation piers can be used to enter Barrier and management, and do not need to spend too much labor costs.
          Therefore, the use of road isolation pier in our life is very extensive, and it can really bring us strong convenience, also can make the management of road environment more safe, can make the traffic management of urban life more orderly.



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