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          The prefabricated parts processed by the mold of isolation pier need to be used synchronously during the construction of expressway, because the structure of the prefabricated isolation pier is very simple compared with other prefabricated parts, and it is used in many places. In fact, the isolation pier is generally used for highway construction, because the isolation pier is made of cement concrete,
          因此非常的堅實耐用,而且用于公路扭王塊模具 高鐵遮板模具 階梯護坡模具 拱形護坡模具 卵形槽模具 保定室內設計培訓 保定平面設計培訓上隔離以及一些交通設施保護的話,也可以起到預期中的效果。高速公路建設主要是將制作好的隔離墩在兩側的位置進行放置,例如一些臨時停車的區域,或者是高速的出入口等等,隔離墩是需要在地面進行放置,表面用到鋼板進行加固的處理,當然也能夠涂刷上一些顏料用作提醒
          Therefore, it is very solid and durable, and can also play the expected effect if it is used for highway isolation and some traffic facilities protection. Highway construction is mainly to place the prepared isolation piers on both sides, such as some temporary parking areas, or high-speed entrances and exits, etc. isolation piers need to be placed on the ground, and the surface is reinforced with steel plates. Of course, some pigments can also be painted to remind us



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