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          The mold of isolation pier is mainly used for the dividing line of road, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and road on the pavement to ensure the pedestrian and vehicle traffic and the neat edge of the pavement. Every day we can see the isolation pier on the street, and the Buddha is a scenery in people's eyes.
          隔離墩模具可以根據客戶的圖紙定做 只要是由我廠生產的水泥制品在使用中能保證3年以上,我廠自從建廠以來加上經過多年的實踐,隔離墩模具開發力度不斷加大,流水槽模具 u型槽模具 電纜槽模具 隔離墩鋼模具 護坡磚模具 鋼制閘門 螺桿式啟閉機 卷揚式啟閉機現已有不同規格產品可以說達到上百種,建豐模具廠會在疫情中逆流而上。
          The mold of isolation pier can be customized according to the drawings of customers. As long as the cement products produced by our factory can be guaranteed for more than 3 years in use, since the establishment of our factory and after many years of practice, the development of mold of isolation pier has been strengthened continuously. Now there are hundreds of products with different specifications. Jianfeng mold factory will go upstream in the epidemic situation.



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