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          The sheet metal mold of isolation pier is durable and firm, which is generally used on expressways or ring roads to protect vehicles from running out of the lane. Because the bottom width of the anti-collision wall is narrow and the internal reinforcement is arranged densely, the concrete pouring construction is not conducive to eliminating bubbles,
          所以本公司對混凝土的和易性有較高的要求。隔離墩鈑金模具一般用于山體一側,用于阻擋山體石流滑坡,保護車輛正常運行。加筋土擋墻是利用保定平面設計培訓 保定室內設計培訓 保定空調移機 保定太陽能維修 保定廚房排煙 雄安管道通風 加筋土技術修建的一種支擋構筑物,加筋土是一種在土中加入拉筋帶的復合土, 它利用拉筋與土之間的摩擦作用,改善土體的變形條件和提高土體的工程性能,從而達到穩定土體的目的。
          Therefore, the company has higher requirements on the workability of concrete. Isolation pier sheet metal mold is generally used on one side of the mountain to block the rock flow landslide and protect the normal operation of vehicles. Reinforced earth retaining wall is a kind of retaining structure constructed by using reinforced earth technology. Reinforced earth is a kind of composite soil added with tie bar. It uses the friction between tie bar and soil to improve the deformation condition and engineering performance of soil, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing soil.



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